Welcome to my academic website! I am a doctoral student in Political Science with a focus on Comparative Politics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I am a member of the Experimental Politics Lab led by Professor Kraft.

My research interests broadly focus on judicial independence, political stability, national security law, judicial process, and ethnic fractionalization. More specifically, I have focused on how political institutions such as an independent judiciary impact political stability in a country. I have regional interests in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East.

Prior to my doctoral studies I received a Masters Degree in Political Science from the School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs at the University of Central Florida. In 2017, I graduated cum laude with honors with a B.A. in Political Science (Middle Eastern Studies Minor) from the University of Central Florida. I also gradated cum laude with a B.A. in History from the College of Arts & Humanities at the University of Central Florida in 2017.